About Us


The Weeaboo Co.


Weeaboo Co., Ltd. like many things involving our founder Hentai initially started off as a bit of a joke, then like many times when Hentai takes his jokes too far it became all too real. Originally envisioned as a fictional ‘record label’ when Kodakami & Hentai were collaborating to create The BIG ALbum the responsibilities of this fictional entity grew as it started to maintain business relationships with a variety of real entities including a Chinese manufacture, a Los Angeles based CD pressing company and a local printing house.

These relationships built fulfilling the backer rewards for The BIG ALbum Kickstarter’s rewards tiers would later lay the groundwork for a lot of the infrastructure Weeaboo Co. would make available to their member artists. Not only can Weeaboo Co. help you with your physical distribution, we can advise you on the digital distribution and ways to monetize your internet channels. If you are interested in joining the Weeaboo Co. team either as an artist or support staff please feel free to contact us.


  • Digital Distribution
    Don’t limit yourself to just Bandcamp. Through our DLM storefront you can receive a larger cut of your album sales.
  • Physical CD Production
    Get physical copies of your CDs produced through our existing professional relationships. Through our DLM storefront we also offer sales and fulfillment services so your CD’s release can be as worry-free as possible.
  • Promoted Content
    As an advocacy group all of our members are encouraged to cross-promote artists within our network. Beyond cross promotions have your new releases emailed to the thousand+ member e-newsletter.
  • Mixing & Mastering Assistance
    Your new album is important to you, you want to make a good first impression, we are hear to help. Weeaboo Co.’s resources are available to members and you can ask for mixing/mastering assistance for your new release.


At the moment Weeaboo Co. maintains it is “not a label” but is an advocacy group. In the modern era of self-publishing we feel there is no need for a traditional label for the modern artist, at the same time we recognize that sometimes solo artists don’t have either the resources or the experience necessary to get things done on their own. Weeaboo Co. acts as something in-between, we offer many traditional label services, but with the goal of helping you publish your works yourself. As a member of Weeaboo Co. you gain access to the collective experience of our member artists and as a members we can lean on one another for help, advise, or mentorship. When you are finally ready to make that final step we offer mixing/mastering services, distribution help, and maintain relationships with the above mentioned businesses and can help make your dreams reality be it a release that is purely digital, or something with a physical component.